Thursday, March 31, 2011

I can never remember how to spell, since there's no spell check on my title bar I just covered all the bases. Is there any other word in the English language with double u's? (not to be confused with W's) Regardless, it has been my goal all week to vacuum my floor in my bedroom. I know, dream big.

I mean I did do my laundry a couple days ago, but that was basically just one small battle won in conquering the territory known as:  my room.

But I knew that if my goal was "vacuum floor" then I would be forced to clean my stuff off the floor first (purses, shoes, papers, CDs, hair ties, make up, head bands, pens, ET cetera).  And that was my real goal (picking up the stuff).  So I just had to play a trick on myself to get it done. Also, I put my vacuum in my room last night and vowed not to remove it from my floor until it was used for it's God-given purpose.

My room is about the size of a standard walk-in closet. Cut in half. Knowing this, one might think a couple of thoughts such as "The floor can't possibly get that dirty" and "It shouldn't be too hard to vacuum." Think again. And again.

So this morning I bet myself $5 that I wouldn't vacuum today. And then I did! I hate losing bets..I mean, quite honestly my pathetic bracket I posted yesterday is enough losing to last me a few lifetimes.

Funnily enough, my twin sister (who could be described as "the epitome of organized") asked for a vacuum for a graduation gift, and my Aunt is getting her this one:

I mean, maybe the first picture makes more sense but I just had to include the second as well because, if it moved by itself, who wouldn't want it?  It is pretty sweet, as far as cleaning devices go. Still, when my aunt asked me my gift request for graduation, I was quick to respond, "Not a vacuum."

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  1. Dear Joyce,

    If you need someone to come yell at you until you clean your room, just say the word and I will be there.

    Love, Shannon