Birthday Wishes!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today is one of my most loyal followers' birthday! Happy birthday to Alyssa, my awesome teammate! I've never dedicated a blog post to anyone before, and figured the birthday is just the time :)

I'm a huge fan of birthdays. And maybe that's not the most profound quote, but it's the truth. No, not just my own. Ever since junior high, I've loved making "Happy Birthday" signs for all of my friends' lockers come the big day! With my basketball season coming to a close, I will have no more "lockers" to decorate (how sad). So birthday blogposts is the obvious alternative!

Top 3 Extraordinary things about Alyssa:
1. She doesn't like chocolate or peanut butter
2. Her metabolism is faster than a speeding bullet
3. Need to know who some famous athlete is/the score of ANY game to impress your boyfriend?? ASK HER

Sounds like a pretty good catch, right?!  Could have mentioned how she's the sweetest person in the world and got like a one hundred and ten percent on the SATs, but I'm not that considerate of friend.

Regardless, perhaps you're thinking, what's so great about #1? Um, HELLO. When the team gets chocolate, who does she give her extras to? When her dad gave her PEANUT M&M's from the white house who did she pass these along to on the basketball bus?

Yes, the M&M's were red, white, and blue and the box was signed by Barack Obama. What did you expect? Told you she was awesome!

Since she is home for spring break, I have yet to celebrate her birthday with her, but aim to make her some non-chocolate baked goods for her return! Considering my previously discussed cooking skills this may or may not be a good thing for her.

Happy Birthday, Alyssa! And Happy Weekend, everyone! :)

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