Spring Cleaning

Monday, March 14, 2011

I am home for my spring break! Not anticipating going back to school with a tan, though, since it did flurry here yesterday.

My youngest sister was cleaning out her closet the other day, and I was "helping." And by helping, I mean, my mom was showing her clothes and putting the "keep" clothes into her closet, my middle sister was dealing with the "donate" clothes (putting them into bags) and hangers, and my youngest sister was deciding which ones she wanted to keep/donate. And I was lying on the floor chiming in comments on particular pieces of clothing ("that looks like an ugly pair of pajamas") and telling them stories about my life (what could be more interesting?)

My mom claims that I was helping by "keeping them company" but that's just because she is nice. Anyway, I did suggest getting rid of 40 bags (of things from your house) in 40 days for Lent. The lady whose blog I follow on 3 Peanuts recommended it... and with the clothes from my baby sister's closet, we are already on 5 bags (don't worry, her closet is still ridiculously full. Oh, the joys of being the youngest ;)

My mom and I went through some shoes yesterday and generated 3 more bags! Some of the shoes were as small as size 8 ... the last time my feel were that small I was probably in 5th grade (or younger)! :) Still, some of the shoes were absolutely hilarious so I wanted to keep them around so I could show them to my sisters occasionally to make fun of their former sense of style. I decided instead I would post some of the BEST shoes on here, so, although they are headed to a donation center or the dumpster, their memory will live on for eternity:

I don't care what you say, these were TOTALLY IN. And I distinctly
remember having a black pair, white pair, green pair, blue pair, ET CETERA.
My middle sister said she would cry if we got rid of these. Let the tears begin.
It wouldn't be fair if I didn't include embarrassing shoes I once wore.
If furry platform clogs are wrong, I don't want to be right.
And last but certainly not least...
My twin-sister's cow-spotted heels!! Too bad they don't still fit or you could wear
them when you interview to work on a dude ranch. 
Hopefully we will find more "treasures" as we try to fill up 32 more bags :) 

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