Lenten Fail

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well, my vegetarianism was so life changing I feel moved to write a memoir about it.  However, considering this experience was only 12 hours long ...I'm just gonna stick to a blog post.

(Also, remember, I'm not Catholic! Lent is like bonus points for protestants, right?!)

First off, let me just say that I had every INTENTION of not eating meat. Let's face it, as I said yesterday, either the Ozone layer or Mexican farmers were conspiring against me - yet, I prevailed! And, in the absence of eggplant, I ordered baked ziti for the trip home.

Was there baked ziti waiting for me on my seat? Nope. I was meal-less. Aka, whatever random Italian restaurant we ordered food from, was also conspiring against me.

One of my teammates, however, had left with her dad after the game, so I decided to not say anything and eat hers. Why wouldn't I speak up and demand my food? Well, there's a time and a place for everything, and turns out immediately after losing a semi-final game is not the right time to demand everyone sits on the bus for 30 minutes waiting for your lost food order to be delivered. Plus, she had a salad, bread, and a pasta dish that LOOKED LIKE baked ziti.

I know what you're thinking,  why would you eat her food just because it looked like baked ziti? Well, I didn't. Turns out it was meat lasagna. So I ate the salad, bread, and sat there as my stomach began eating itself. So far, the whole "being a vegetarian" involved a whole lot of not eating. Then, one of my teammates told me there was some leftover pizza in the front of the bus, so I headed up to grab a slice.

I proceeded to go get a piece of pizza, and then drop it on the way back to my seat. Then, I went back and got another one.

That had nothing to do with being a vegetarian, just with being clumsy.

Half way through my slice a realization hit me like a mac truck. My pizza did not look like this:
Although I admit that would have been ideal. But no, sadly, it looked more like this:
So yes, all that work just to eat a slice of pepperoni pizza at 10 pm. This may go in history as the ultimate lent fail. I'm brainstorming something else for my Lenten promise, and am leaning towards straying away from the whole abstaining from food thing. Clearly, not my forte. 

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