Valentine's Day: What Dating for 5 Years Looks Like

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

If you ever wondered what's it like to date someone for five years? here's a little personal anecdote just for fun. If you've, say, been married to someone for 20 years you can totally pull an Ygritte and say "You know nothing, Jon Snow." I'd totally understand. I'm also working on legally changing my name to Jon Snow -- so it's perfect! Without further Game of Thrones references, what the week leading up to our fifth Valentine's together looks like:

Any time I get Stephen a gift, I want to give it to him immediately. It just seems so silly to delay for an arbitrary futuristic date deemed appropriate for gift-giving. Valentine's Day is no exception.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm usually your run-of-the-mill last-minute gift scrambler so the whole "waiting to give gifts" is no biggie because I procure said gifts at the last possible second. But this year, I wanted to get new makeup for myself at Sephora. Which led to me being at the mall on February 6. Which led to, you guessed it, an early Valentine's day gift purchase. I know, I'm a selfless angel from above. Cupid incarnate, really. And, no, I will not tell you if the gift cost more than the makeup, so just drop it already!

My Madison friends can lament with me about the complete lack of male shopping options at the West Towne Mall. Even the J. Crew has only girl stuff! This inconveniences me a whopping three times a year (Christmas, V-day, Stephen's birthday), so I hardly ever get Stephen clothing. I usually try to go for an experience gift, like butchering a pig, for example.

Anyway, I blame the West Towne Mall for the below conversation:

Walking home post-sushi on Friday, February 6.

Me: I got you a Valentine's gift today!
Stephen: What is it?
Me: You have to wait!
Stephen: Where'd you get it?
Me: The West Towne Mall.
Stephen: What store?
Me: I'm not telling
Stephen: Banana Republic?
Me: .....I said I'm not telling.
Stephen: Is it a quarter-zip pullover sweater from Banana Republic?
Me: I'll give it to you when we get home.

And, although I almost never buy Stephen clothes, he was, of course, exactly right. How did he know what I got him in less than 2 minutes? It beats me. I blame the aforementioned lack of male shopping options. Or the five years of dating.  :)

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Special kudos to those with the self-restraint to wait till the big day to exchange gifts. Extra special kudos to those with self-restraint to not consume entire bags of candy hearts in one sitting. How do you do it!?

p.s. These Lemonhead & Friends Candy Hearts are especially delicious. (Because I've heard it's cool to rank candy heart preferences.)

p.p.s. Did you know that so little is known about St. Valentine that the Roman Catholic Church removed his name from the General Roman Calendar? The general Roman calendar (I just learned) is basically the calendar indicating dates of celebration of saints and "mysteries of the Lord!" Thanks Wikipedia!

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