Foodies Rejoice: Bright Cellars Cheese Boxes Review

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Now that it's officially November, I figure it's time for me to start thinking about holiday travel, and, more specifically, what Wisconsin goodies I'll be bringing to my family (all across the country!) on my Thanksgiving and Christmas trips. Lucky for me, Bright Cellars, an awesome Wisconsin-based company known for their subscription wine experience, is launching something new: Bright Cellars cheese boxes to go with their wine! (Get started with the quiz here.)

Is there anything better to get in the mail?

Now, this company is no stranger to matching people with their preferences. It was founded by two MIT grads with a passion for wine, so moving on to cheese was a natural expansion. They already had a bright points algorithm, which they used to match people with wine. They've now expanded it to include cheese preferences!

Here's how it works: You can take an online quiz (click link to start the cheese quiz yourself!) detailing your preferences, and then the team at Bright Cellars works with their network of Wisconsin cheese makers to hand-select cheeses that are perfect for you.

I must admit, living in Wisconsin for over five years (crazy!) has made me a bit of a cheese snob, so when I opened the box, I was a tad skeptical. I felt the snobby foodie side of me—that I really try to suppress—surfacing.

But, I had nothing to worry about. The box contained four absolutely delicious cheeses: A tomato basil yellow cheddar, a hickory smoked gouda, a grand cru, and a blueberry white cheddar. (And fun informational cards about each type to satisfy my inner food nerd.) My favorite was probably the tomato basil cheddar --and the best thing about that is it's something I'd never buy on my own. All four were top-notch cheeses; the quality of cheese you'd expect to find on a fancy charcuterie board at a restaurant.

(Also: Note my Madison glass cutting board :) 

And now the cool part: I can rate and review my cheeses on their website (kinda like giving a song a thumbs up on Pandora), and then, based on this feedback, the algorithm gets even more accurate to match me with hand-picked cheeses for next month's box.

Because the only thing cooler than a box of cheese in the mail is a box of cheese that comes in the mail every month!

If you want to give it a try, they're offering rejoyce readers 50% off their first order here. Check out the cheese quiz and let me know if you discover any awesome new cheeses! :)

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