Hi, I'm Joyce! I started this blog as a 2011 New Year's resolution with one simple goal: to write more. I now live in Madison, Wisconsin with my boyfriend, Stephen, and our cat, Tywin.

Over the years, this blog has evolved. The goal of rejoyce is to inspire and entertain readers through posts about things I love: reading, writing, food, exploring Madison, trying new things, mental health, fitness, my 101 in 1001 list, and personal travel.

About Me

Once an avid athlete, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin in July of 2011 to work as a project manager at a healthcare software company. Although I miss the pierogies of my childhood home in Pittsburgh, I am proud to say that I've seamlessly adapted to Madison cheese curds. I have not adapted to Wisconsin winters. After over 3 years, I quit the corporate gig in October of 2014 to further pursue writing as a career.

Fun Facts

My favorite food group is dessert. I am skeptical of anyone who doesn't like Harry Potter. I am trying to visit all 50 states (36 down, 14 to go!) Hockey is my favorite live sport (Let's go Pens!), though I've never turned down the chance to go to any sporting event. I have a twin sister (and 2 little sisters!) and can't imagine life without sisters. My favorite color is adamantly green. I'm 6 feet 2 inches tall which seems to regularly amaze random strangers; it feels normal to me.

My 3 sisters and I in front of Lake Monona in Madison
I was never a cat person before this guy. Be warned: it can happen to anyone.