Meet Tywin

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I am excited to announce the newest resident of our apartment...

Shhh! Don't tell our landlord ;)
Stephen and I went over the weekend to the Dane County Humane Society. Let me just say: I am not a cat person, but I still wanted to take all of them home! It's just so sad seeing them all cooped up in their little kennels. We played with three cats, but "bonded" the most with this guy. ("Bonded" was the word used by the kind volunteer who helped us, not me, please. I'm not a sap.)

We decided to name him Tywin (pronounced Tie-win for you non-throners) in honor of one of our favorite Game of Thrones characters:

Isn't the resemblance striking? ;)

Some of you might remember years ago when my roommates and I got a kitten in college off of Craigslist (Minnie!) and, well, she wasn't exactly an easy cat. "Spawn of Satan" may have been used once or twice when describing her. That was perhaps an understatement. She routinely refused to use the litter box and instead used random corners in our apartment, my roommates' beds and....our shower. Let's just say I resorted to showering 100% of the time in the basketball locker room. When the basketball locker room is your cleanest option, you know you have a problem. (I even got "published" for my 6-word story about Minnie's apartment-destroying antics.)

Well, after school my roommate Christa (she's a saint!) took in Minnie and I lived a cat free existence for a few years. But, you know what they say, all good things must come to pass. Kidding!

You guys, this may be killing my street cred but, right now.....I love him. 
Us holding hands. How cheesy am I?
His first night in our apartment went smoothly! He explored (and sniffed) every square inch of our space. Including weird places like behind the fridge, under bookcases, the whole works. So curious! He stayed in the second bedroom over night (spoiled, I know), where we set up his food, water, litter, and blanket-turned-cat-bed. His favorite place is under the bed, naturally. He is about 5 months old, so not teeny tiny, but still playful and adventurous.

This morning when I was getting ready in the bathroom, he reached his little paws underneath the bedroom door. And then, the second I opened the door, he sat down on my feet, started purring, and looked at me as if to say please don't go. My heart melted.

This guy may turn me into a cat person after all. I will likely be posting (an embarrassing amount) of pictures on my instagram with the hashtag #tywinstagram (I was proud of coming up with that one) if you'd like to follow along :) Any cat-raising tips appreciated!


  1. Oh my gosh best blog post to date. You're holding hands. and he doesn't want you to go. I can't wait to meet him! Although not happy you gave up my bedroom to him!
    Can't wait to follow tywinstagram religiously.

  2. The best is when they fall asleep on your lap. It is heaven!
    Also, get a laser pointer....he will go crazy for it :)

  3. oh my god! he is so cute! and i love his name inspiration! :)
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, too!