101 in 1001 Update: 8 Months In

Friday, February 27, 2015

I fear I'm falling behind with my 101 in 1001 list, but, the point of the list is not to add a bizarre sense of stress to my life. (Anyone else who can take a inspiration source and turn it into a stress source? A gift, really.) It's been about 8 months and I've only completed 24 of the 101 items, but there are some that are very in progress, so I'm telling myself I'm almost a quarter of the way done, and choosing not to do the math about how many of the 1001 days have passed.

As the great Glennon Doyle Melton says in her book which I'm currently reading, "Happiness is low expectations paired with a short-term memory problem." I'm not sure if that quote is particularly relevant for this post, but it sure is helping me get through February. Without further ado, a few fun things I have checked off my list recently:

Go to an art museum.

I checked out the Madison Museum of Modern Art (MMoCA) on a special behind-the-scenes look for BRAVA magazine, where I intern. The Eric and Heather ChanSchatz: 22nd Century exhibit is really cool! (To use a super high-class pretentious artsy adjective.) Not only do the pieces offer a bold visual impression, they are also representative of a wide variety of populations/places. One, called "Revolution" was painted after the artists conversed with a group of people in Cairo, another one called "Millennials" after they spoke to a group of, you guessed it, Millennials in Colorado.

And, you guys, if you've lived in Madison for, oh, I don't know 3 and a half years yet you've only walked by the MMoCA to go to Fresco on the top floor (delicious cocktails there, by the way) and you somehow never realized MMoCA was super cool and 100% free, now you know! But seriously, who would be so dense?*

*Hint: me.

Go to a concert.

My friend Christie and I channelled our inner country girl and saw Kacey Musgraves play at the Orpheum! I really like her songs, and admire that she's also a song writer. (Fun fact: she co-wrote Miranda Lambert's Mama's Broken Heart.)

 My two favorite genres are R&B/hip-hop and country (keepin' it eclectic) but I usually lean more towards R&B. And the Beatles. Which are their own genre. But when I go to country concerts, I feel like a high schooler again. Kacey was a very solid performer - sang a ton of songs, and kept the talking to a minimum. Being a Texas girl, she did, of course, curse the unbearably cold weather multiple times. As we all are collectively doing. When is Wisconsin going to physically relocate? 

Do yoga 20 times in a month.

This was way harder than I thought it would be. 20 times? What's 20 times? 20 times is a LOT of times for someone who's cumulatively done yoga say, 15 times, in the first 26 years of her life. Full post on my month of saying "namaste" here. In short, I did like it, but I also did basically NOTHING else for exercise in January, so I am hoping to fine some balance with yoga in my life in the future. But I can do an arm balance! I'll show it to you the next time we're at a party together (much to my boyfriend's chagrin.)

Do a blog redesign.

You're looking at it! Vanessa from With Great Heart did my redesign and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! Vanessa was so professional, fast, and the whole thing was very affordable! I highly recommend working with Vanessa. Also, I know some of my "categories" up top aren't working, but that's my fault (for not tagging things appropriately) so I need to go back and do that in the name of Kaizen. ;)

Happy weekend, homies! xx

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