Long Time No See/Talk

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hiiii world. Well, basically, my life has been relatively crazy in terms of "things I have to do."

I could write a 10 page post explaining the busy-ness of my life but let's condense it by saying:

a.) it's PL TOURNAMENT time!! ....March Madness!

b.) I'm sick (March sadness? :(, lol)

c.) It's the week before spring break = 12 page midterm essay due SOON! eek!

d.) I've finally been actively pursuing the concept of "getting a job after college." Which, believe it or not, takes up lots of time, too!

Sadly, a. through d. have been infringing upon my "gotta write my blog" time. Sometimes vicious thoughts like "I need to pass this class and therefore graduate college" also deter me from blog-posting. I know, no fun at all.

Without further ado, here's a picture I snapped on the way back from NYC (yes, I made a trip to NYC on Friday, told you I've been busy! And I'm also off to Annapolis tomorrow!):
Obviously, not a very good picture. I took it with my Blackberry out of the window of a moving car though, so cut me some slack :)

Hope you all have a nice week, if I don't get the chance to check back in. Remember: Tuesday is Mardis Gras and Wednesday is the beginning of lent!

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