Heaps of Happiness

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Somedays I wake up, look at my room, and instantly know what I'm going to do.  Like today, I recognized that my laundry had formed an army over night and was threatening to take over the territory of my floor that my 5 strewn Vera Bradley purses have claimed for the past 2 weeks.

I guess I asked for it, since yesterday I couldn't close my closet last night due to my overflowing laundry basket. It was kind of a coincidence because earlier yesterday I was talking to my boyfriend, and he was saying that he always shuts his closets before he goes to bed. And I said, I usually do, if I can, I guess.

But you know what, sometimes it's just like well, I could go to sleep now with my closet open. Or, I could physically move everything that is currently prohibiting my closet door from closing. And go to sleep with my closet door closed. Four hours later.

Of course, my boyfriend did refer to me as a "little ball of entropy" before when I visited him over break.
Since, 5 minutes after I arrived, his "cleanest mancave of all time" looked like an actual mancave. I thought it was kind of impressive that one girl with two carry-ons could cause so much disorder as he put it.  And clearly took it as a compliment since he also accidentally indirectly called me "little."

Anyway, have to go to do laundry before my room becomes a lair of entropy!

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