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Monday, March 28, 2011

Remember when you were little, and coloring/drawing were a part of your daily schoolwork duties? I still remember my pre-school teacher praising my picture of flowers. And my fifth grade teaching being genuinely impressed with my palm tree I drew on the chalk board. Sadly, I still draw palm trees and flowers pretty much as I did back then. Lots has changed n 15 years, but not my drawing skills.

Kind of how in Christmas pageants I had a nice voice, because I was 7. Now, being 22, I have the same, unchanged singing voice, but I'm not exactly given solos to sing in front of the whole Church, am I?

Regardless, little kids drawings are the best. My cousin has been drawing me some adorable pictures, and my grandma has been sending them my way. Getting any form of mail in college rocks, but getting drawings from her really brighten my day :)

So, I decided to share some pics with you:

They are especially applicable, since my cat definitely thinks she rules the apartment!

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