Ashes to Ashes

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Ash Wednesday! Isn't it super late this year? I'm hoping this means that Easter will be warm, sunny, and beautiful! Snow on Easter = not a good look.

My goal today has been: don't eat meat. I'm actually considering giving up meat for all of Lent, in general. I'm not sure why, but my roommate said she did it one year, and it sounded like a good idea to me. I decided to at least try to give up meat on Ash Wednesday to start it off!

So far, it has not been easy. (and I've only had 1 meal). Basically, I have limited choices as to what to eat for my pre-game meal (aka 5 options at "Macaroni Grill") and the only non-meat option was eggplant parm, so I wrote that down next to my name when placing my order. The problem being, I already ordered eggplant parm for post-game meal. So I was bracing myself for an abundance of eggplant.

Then, sure enough my assistant coach  texts me and said they don't have eggplant parm at Macaroni Grill anymore, and the post-game restaurant didn't have eggplant parm either! Talk about "feast" or "famine"... she found out this is because the farms these restaurants get their eggplants from in Mexico are having trouble because the ground isn't thawing??

Which is so weird because a.) who knew my eggplant came from Mexico? and b.) could this whole global "climate change" thing actually be legit?? ;)

Regardless, I will let you know how my "penne with red sauce" before the game and "baked ziti with cheese" is after. mmmm. yummmm. :) I don't know if I'll last 40 days, to be honest!

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