We Gonna Celebrate

Friday, April 1, 2011

For my meal plan I have "dining dollars" allocated to me since I'm on scholarship. I have some surplus right now, and if you have any left at the end of the year, the school just takes them! You know, the 200k tuition just isn't enough.

Clearly, I am eager to spend every penny of my dining dollars. Needless to say, my goal of "spending all my dining dollars" is one of my most feasible goals so far. I've been exploring the school's catering services, and the opportunities are endless! Turns out, the catering services food makes the their dining facilities food like leftover McDonald's.

My first catering purchase today was, of course, dessert. Since there was no reason to celebrate, we decided to have a pseudo-celebration for our cat's birthday. She's been acting like an emo kitty lately, and we're hoping this little celebration will thwart her anti-social tendencies!

Here's her cooking cake:
And here are some chocolate-covered strawberries to complete her celebration:

Sadly, our emo kitty is still opting to sit under a table next to the wall and not socialize with anyone:

Oh well, it's her party she can cry if she wants to!

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