Easter Wishes!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well, even though our school doesn't give us anytime off, I'm home (already) for Easter weekend. Oh, the joys of being a second semester senior :)

Since my twin goes to a Catholic school, they actually do get Maundy Thursday and Good Friday off - so she will be arriving home shortly!

I've come to the conclusion that Easter may be my new favorite holiday (I used to always say Christmas Eve) but I love that Easter typically involves warm weather and flowers, and it's not as commercialized as Christmas, or as stressful. Plus, I live for candy ;)

Also, my family almost always makes Ukranian Easter eggs - and i was so excited when I saw that my mom had the dyes all lined up on the island! For those of you who have never heard of such things, what you do is you dye an egg - so let's say you dye it yellow. Then you use a special tool filled with wax to draw on all the parts of the egg you want yellow. Here are pictures of the tools:
They actually have evolved over the years. When I was little, they were wooden. Now we have plastic (of course)
I'm not sure why this woman's hair is so close to the hot wax, but you get the idea.
Then, you dye it again (maybe, pink). And do the same. You usually dye from lightest to darkest color.

I realize that's not a good explanation, but maybe I'll try to explain later when I feel like typing more. At the end, you drill a hole in the bottom of the egg and use a syringe to blow the yoke out of the egg - so you can save your egg for years to come!

Here are some pictures I found online:
My mom is really good, and hers often turn out like these!! Mine? I'm lucky if I don't break the egg!

Happy Easter, whatever your traditions may be!!

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