Spring Has Sprung

Friday, April 15, 2011

I am blaming the sun for my lack of consistent posting this week.  I know, you just assumed I was saving the world or something. Or, getting a job? Nope. Sitting outside.

Today is officially the second nice day of the Spring 2011 semester.  Who knew I went to school in a Tundra. It's so refreshing to NOT put on my Northface in mid-April. Living the dream.

But seriously, there are buds on the trees! So I am no longer complaining.

Also, since today is Friday, why wouldn't I order a platter of mini cheesecakes to bring in the spring?
If any of my friends on campus are reading this: please come over and eat one(or two...or three)!!
I'm not trying to gain 50 pounds right before swim suit season ;)

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