Good morning, Sunshine!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Okay, so of course it's not so sunny today. But the past two days have been BEAUTIFUL. So sunny, in fact, that I've done everything I can to stay outside.

I went running twice, I chilled, I walked to the local ice cream shop, and I even did reading for a class - just to catch some rays! 

Now I am, of course, kind of burnt. I don't burn the way some people do, though. Even though I'm as pale as Casper in the winter, when I do catch some rays I usually burn a little at first - but then it turns to a darker shade of pale in a couple of days.

(At one point in my life, I occasionally went to tanning beds but my biology class sophomore year scared the shit out of me in that respect. Just imagine your professor referring to them as "cancer chambers" or "cell mutation beds" for a semester. It turns out fear is quite an effective deterrent.) 

Anyway - day one of soaking up natural rays turned into a bit of a fail. I was sitting on a cement bench (not the most comfortable invention) outside of my apartment doing some reading. Turns out the left side of my body was facing the sun and my right side, well, was almost in the shade due to a tree growing near by. Didn't notice this at the time, though. So, after Monday, one arm, one leg, and even half of my chest had color and the other half of my body - not so much. Also, although other girls had swimsuits on - I wasn't quite so brave, so I now have tan lines galore.

At least everyone will know that my half-of-a-farmer's-tan is natural. 

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