Traveling Trials aka the Story of my Life

Monday, April 11, 2011

On Thursday, I flew from Harrisburg to Chicago to Madison for an interview on Friday. My flight was (relatively) painless. I made it to Chicago on time to sit there for hours and hours since my flight was delayed, but at least I didn't miss my connection!  

For the record, Chicago O'hare airport is like a zoo full of angry animals. SO. MANY. PEOPLE. I felt like I was at Disney World, with all the families rushing around, expensive food, and long lines to get into any decent restaurant. Except every single person there was pissed off. I was sitting by a man at a gate for a while, and he told me he was flying to Vermont. I was impressed he could find a direct flight (my naivety of the airport system shown through) and he said, "Yeah, well from here, of course you can. But they never let you leave."

The next day, after finishing my interview, I went to Madison airport to find out that all flights to Chicago were cancelled. So my hopes of getting back to Harrisburg that day were quickly diminished. Not exactly the most popular destination.

At this point, I'm already regretting parking in short-term parking where it costs like an arm and a leg to park everyday. Especially considering that I only have 2 of each of these extremities. But, hey, I was only going to be parked there for one day. And since I got stranded in a city the last time I flew, there was no way it'd happen again.

Then, finally, they found a solution: Flying from Madison to Detroit to Harrisburg the next morning at 7.

And I was all, Wait? Did you just say Detroit? Because I'm totally not up for a Connecting in Motor City: The Sequel, (see my first wonderful Motown experience here - same link as above)  because I kind of feel like getting back to Harrisburg before, you know, 2012. The world's supposed to end then, and I wouldn't want to miss that. On a side note, I think the predicted destruction of the world is directly correlated to the fact that my youngest sister graduates from high school that year.

Plus, if I'm going to stop by my favorite city in Michigan I better be getting free cheese cake and oreo pie compliments of the airlines. Note that I did not use the word "or" in the previous sentence.

It was basically either that or hitchhiking my way across 4 states, so I embraced an evening exploring what Madison has to offer, and it was a pretty nice town! Despite all the current political revolters. Here are some pics:
There were protest pins, shirts, bumper stickers, posters etc!! At almost every store I went in to.
There was something so old school about these political protest pins! I kind of wanted one.
This was when I realized my dreams were coming true before my eyes.
And also wanted to transfer to Wisconsin.

My only regret is that I only filled one bag.

And here's me in front of the capital building!!

The next day, my flight out from Madison actually arrived to Detroit 20 minutes early! (No, airlines, you are still not off the hook.) Sadly, my flight in Detroit was delayed, but, due to previous travel experience, the Detroit airport is like a second home to me. And, 16 hours after my expected arrival time, I finally made it back to school!

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