Mall Money

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I know that when I start working I will miss doing mini-projects that I randomly think of doing while I'm at home. For instance, today I noticed that my "Mall Money" container which I keep change in was so heavy/overflowing that it could barely store another dime. So my sister, Grace, and I decided to dump it, sort it, and count it.
My Grandma got me that container years ago, I actually used it!

I have probably been putting money in that little container for 8 or 9 years. And the grand total (drum roll please) was $60.02. ($37.75 in quarters, $14.80 in dimes, $4.75 in nickels and $2.72 in pennies.) Please don't check my math. I'm 90 percent sure it is wrong!

Remember when you were little and counting money was so much fun? Well, it's still fun :) But I'm just not as delusional about the total amount as I once was. For example, I know 60 bucks is  not really going to help buy me a mansion. But I guess, a penny saved is a penny earned :)

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