It's Been a While

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow, I've almost gone a whole week without posting!

It's weird, but now that I'm done with school, I don't post as often because I don't spend endless hours in front of my computer. Seriously. It's kind of nice.  There's a real world outside of Facebook and Twitter. Weird, I know.

 Also, I made another fun trip to Arkansas to visit my boyfriend. We hiked in a state park and I took some pretty pictures of the Natural State!

Oh, also - I found my camera charger when packing up my room! I lost it in September, so have been taking pictures on my phone since then because my camera died. I had "find camera charger" written on my Things-to-do Marker board for a while, but just erased it after 4 months of not looking. Because I am not one to be defeated by marker boards. I was even considering ordering one online but I'm glad I didn't because now, it is now FOUND! Where was it?  In a Barnes&Noble bag in my closet behind my hamper. Duh.

So when I post pictures from the hike, they might be better than average? Maybe? That is, if I ever do. Because now I have to find my camera chord in order to get them on my computer. I can't just e-mail them from my phone. That might take a good six months. Oh, I love being organized.

Before my trip, though, I was busy doing rebellious things with my sisters:

Everything is more rebellious in Black and White.

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