Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My freshmen year, we had "birthday buddies" on my hall. They were secrets until the "big day." My birthday buddy was an unlikely one to go all out, he later rushed one of the preppiest sororities on campus and never missed a party, but it turns out he went above and beyond as far as birthday buddy duties. Seriously.

He hand made a sign, wrote me a very nice card, and bought me this pennant to hang proudly in my room:

People quickly pointed out that it says "Alumni" down the side and I was not yet an alumni, to which I responded "I will be someday."  Well, after four years of hanging the pennant in my dorm room, I can truthfully say, as of a final paper e-mailed 3 minutes ago, I am officially done with all undergraduate coursework and a real alumni :)! Hooray!

 I can't wait for tomorrow when I get a phone call from the school asking for a monetary donation.

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