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Monday, January 31, 2011

After a painstakingly long day in the gym, my teammates were discussing planning vacations in the locker room, and who could blame them? Although I usually say I would only want to live somewhere that has changes in weather, January and February always seem to get me down. So, I couldn't help but do some fantasy vacating, I picked three spots...let's start with the most realistic:
1. Skiing in Vermont
It has been my goal to visit every single state, and I'm pretty sure I have 29 down, and 21 to go! Since I've been doing basketball for so long, I've never been able to attempt skiing! Though I'm not the most talented person, I have my heart set to try skiing next winter! (Though I am notoriously uncoordinated!)

2. Disney World
Despite my occasional consistent bitterness, I have always been a child at heart! I've been to Disney World twice (in 3rd grade and 9th grade), and would love to go back with my family, sisters, boyfriend, or a group of friends! And, of course, someday with kids of my own :) 

photo by Stephen
This is my most extravagant fantasy-trip! Ever since one of my best friends from high school went to Italy, and I went over to her house and she showed me hours worth of pictures, I've had a longing to go to Europe! I've been to Mexico, Canada, and Hawaii, but so ends my out-of-country excursions. (Obviously Hawaii isn't technically out-of-country, but it is my farthest away travel spot, so I thought it was noteworthy).
Also, my boyfriend went to Italy the summer before we started dating - and I have since looked through his beautiful pictures too! Although I have 5 nationalities (I'm quite the mutt), I don't have any Italian blood, but this doesn't hinder my desire to eat delicious food, taste wine, and tour the beautiful countryside! And Rome! And Lake Como! I'm not even going to mention that the boys' basketball team at my school WENT TO ITALY last summer for hoops or I might explode in a rage of anger! (Title 9 my ass). 

Anyway, when February gets ya down - just dream of distant shores, seems to work for me :) 

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