First of February

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

According to my W-O-O-T-D calendar, "February" would have been a month of fever for the ancient Roman, since the word februum underlies both words "fever" and "February." Specifically, a februum was a ritual purification held each year on the 15th of the month, involving fasting (appropriate due to the shortage of food during winter).

Of course, now the 14th of the month is the one where lots of girls may or may not be "fasting" for dinner for fear of being seen out without a date. Despite my new "February-styled" blog makeover, I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day, with or without a boyfriend. I don't like what it does to high school girls. In my HS not-so-glory days, carnations would get passed out during home room. White for friends, pink for "crushes" and red for love.
Of course I got one every year!....from my twin sister. (but signed "secret admirer"). However, looking back, I do feel sympathy towards the people who didn't have a twin sister (or boyfriend, or friend) to get them a carnation. The girls with empty desks in homeroom. Someone needs to look out for them!

That's why, in February, I think it's important to go out of our way to look for those who need a little extra kindness in their lives. Not just people without boyfriends, not just on Valentine's Day. But throughout the whole month! Try to make a conscience effort to reach out to others who need a little more support in what is actually the shortest month of the year, but what can feel like the longest!

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