No Clean Streak Here

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I got a new iPod for my birthday (October), put songs on it on Christmas (December), and, on Sunday, my kitty ate my new headphones! 
Apparently my cat also shares some undesirable traits with gerbils. Fantastic.

Which leads me to a dilemma: I must find my old iPod for the sake of using its headphones for my road trip on Friday. To the average human being, this may not seem such a daunting task. However, my sophomore year, I lost this same iPod. For 2 weeks. And then found it. On my desk. 

That may be hard for you to believe. You, then, are probably more like my twin sister, the queen of organization, who simply couldn't understand. "How can you lose something that's on your desk?" One word: easily.

A girl at my school actually keeps a fashion and interior design blog. It's legit. She often puts up "Desk Du Jour" posts containing pictures of enviable desks, for inspiration. Here are a couple examples: (from

Although I think these are fun to look at, they don't offer much inspiration for me. In my personal opinion, I think that Interior Design is very nice, in theory; unfortunately, in practice it usually equates to a shit ton of cleaning. Without further ado, behold: my Desk from last night:
Believe it or not, when I took a "Strength-finder" assessment for class yesterday, "Organized" was not in the top 5. I'm thinking it was a close 6. Also, I'm thinking I gotta buy some new headphones. 

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