On the Verge of being Responsible

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I make a ton of to-do lists - on my white board, my computer, on random post its that I lose behind my desk. I follow a few fashion/interior design blogs (yeah, I know, you can't tell from looking at my wardrobe) and one blogger always post cute pictures of her calligraphy to-do lists on expensive stationary paper - they're like, works of art. Part of me is like, if you dedicate that much time to making  to-do lists, I can only assume you don't actually have anything to do. The other part of me is like, you're such a hater.

considering buying this as a more realistic task-tracker
 Anyway, everyone knows the best part of making to do lists is CHECKING SHIT OFF. And the best part of checking shit off is checking shit off that has been on your to do lists FOR COUNTLESS MONTHS.

So yes, that's right, blogging community, I went to the mother f-in DMV. I am now a legal Wisconsin resident, a mere10 months after moving here. It's true that living as an illegal fugitive for nearly a year has been quite the rush, but it's time to put my bad ass ways behind me and move forward as a law-abiding citizen.

I had literally been writing "go to the DMV" on every task list I made since October. (yeah, it didn't cross my mind in July-September - it was warm outside!) But, I kept finding more and more ways to put it off (and, in my defense, I did get in a car wreck in February so my car was in the shop for like a month) Does anyone else think that the DMV just seems like a place where dreams go to die a slow and painful death?

Anyway, I finally did it Thursday morning before work. My roommate came back from a business trip Thursday night:

Her: So, how was your week? What did you do?
Me: Good....good....Oh, I went to the DMV on a whim this morning.
Her: On a whim?!?! You've been planning out that trip for months! You're not fooling anyone with this "on the whim" crap

And, she, of course, is totally right. But now that I'm transforming into an adult, I have to nonchalantly mention adult-like tasks as if they part of my casual routine. It's part of being responsible. I would know. After all, I have Wisconsin license plates now.