NOW That's What I Call...NO!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I have this problem where I care a lot about what other people think of me. Probably to a fault. No, definitely not about my appearance. (which is obvious to anyone who sees me regularly). But, in other ways. Kinda hard for me to explain. But here's an example:

Today, our options in the weight room while lifting were a.) ridiculously awful radio station or b.) my iPod. (read: rock vs. hard place). Disclaimer: I never pretend to have the coolest new music on my iPod. I don't walk around saying "Have you heard this new song?" the day after it is released. I'm more likely the one screaming "Boots with the fur!" a solid 6 months after the song came out....but it's brand new to me!

However, I had recently put together a DECENT playlist of "cool" weight lifting music so I figured, might as well go for it. I told my weight lifting partner that, every time a new song comes on I get nervous. I imagine every single person dropping their weights, glaring at me, and screaming simultaneously "What the hell is this?!?!"

So, she was making fun of me when new songs came on, jokingly. Some guys on the boys team were giving me a hard time too (their iPods are - obviously - perfect. Unfortunately, the iPod they brought died within the first 5 minutes of the workout. So maybe mine's not up-to-date but at least I'm PREPARED.)

Anyway, I'm lifting as usual and I hear someone switch the song. I'm thinking they just skipped ahead to the next track on the playlist because they didn't like the current song for whatever reason. I'm calm for about 2 and a half seconds until I hear, coming from the speakers a pre-teen boy rapping about throwing "the party of the year."I realized I was living my greatest fear. Mortified, I drop my weight and high tail it to my iPod - as quickly as I could, I switched over to Kanye West, and prayed that everyone in the weight room went temporarily deaf for 30 seconds or so.

Turns out, as a joke, one of the guys' players had tried to find an embarrassing song on my iPod. He didn't have to look very hard. Under "Artists" or "Songs" the top choice is "Aaron's Party" by Aaron Carter, a Justin Beiber of the past. I now regret putting all the "NOW" CD's on my iPod.

Which brings me to the moral of my story: Sometimes, the alphabet just isn't on your side.

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