Multiple Choice

Monday, February 14, 2011

Feels like I've been blogging about Valentine's Day for weeks now. Which probably means:
a.) my life is boring
b.) nothing else even remotely exciting happens in February
c.) I have an over-the-top obsession with candy 
d.) all of the above 

Considering I've only eaten candy hearts, sweethearts, a reeses heart, skittles and a laffy taffy so far today - C's out of the question. 

We can also eliminate B, as everyone knows, in addition to it being Black History Month and having Abe Lincoln's birthday, GROUNDHOG'S DAY is in also February. Let's face it, if the second day in February is devoted to watching an oversize rodent in the middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania crawl out of a hole, its a good sign that February is at LEAST in the top 5 of the most-invigorating months on the calendar. 

As for option "A", Would I really start a blog is my life was boring?
a.) Yes, the boring-ness of your life actually increases your chances of starting a blog.
b.) No, you seem to love humankind and would not want to torture them with meaningless rants pertaining to your excessively boring life. 

Regardless, everyone knows the real answer to Q#1 is "D" but the answer to question #2 on this pop quiz is meaningless, as I am not the one willingly reading the boring posts, now am I?

Which brings me to the most important question-of-the-day:
you can buy this on etsy! (although I am lucky enough to already have a Valentine!)

Happy Love Day!

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