Stressed Out!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I hate being stressed out! And two away games in a row + missing all my classes on Wednesday usually yields such a result! I couldn't even post yesterday because literally the WHOLE day was dedicated to basketball! And here's another sentence ending in an exclamation mark!

1hr breakfast +1.5 hr shoot around/practice + 1 hr pre-game meal + .5 hr walk through in hotel + 3.5 hrs for warm up/game + 3.5 hrs of travel = 11 hours!

I got back to my room around 1:30am last night, eeek! I am so so so so lucky that I don't have classes today (and feel so so bad for my teammates who do).

So far, I've only had one 15 minute meeting with my professor, and I'm not lying when I say there was a 92% chance I wasn't going to make it through. I even fell up the steps today en route to said meeting. (Indoors, so I couldn't even blame it on the ice!)

Fortunately, my Aunt sent me a little Valentine's Day care package with Lindor Truffles!! (these are now happy exclamation marks :) ) So I am currently drowning my "sorrows" (which, in reality are not that big of a deal) in chocolate.
it honestly is this very bag, except mine is almost empty
 You know what they say, "stressed" spelled backwards in DESSERTS!!

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