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Friday, January 28, 2011

First off, my boyfriend just made me a delicious dinner! Just had to mention that because it was delicious, and tasted absolutely nothing like anything I ever attempt to make in the kitchen.

Second off, it's Friday, so clearly this is going to be short - but I have a bball game tomorrow so I can't stay out late or anything, but it would be a good time to use the term "cramping my style." A term I often use in relation to basketball, particularly when we have 5:45am weights Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the pre-and-post season. Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights my style is officially cramped.

Anyway, my word-origin-of-the-day calendar told me that this term actually dates back 1781! It was first used by an English essayist named Horace Walpole who wrote "The shackles of translation have neither cramped your style, nor rendered it obscure."

If you're a word nerd like me, that's cool stuff! If not, have a nice weekend!!

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