Ice, Ice Baby

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Woke up, as usual, and didn't check the weather. I have rain boots, an umbrella, and 2 pairs of snow boots. However, I never use any of these at the appropriate times because I check the weather less often than I clean my room. Aka NEVER.

So, I walk outside this morning to drive to bball practice and was pleasantly surprised to find my snow-covered car coated in a sheet of ice. Nothing a little defrost and my ice-scraping expertise couldn't handle. Fun Fact: In high school, my sister and I used to use a broken CD to scrape the ice off our car.

Since college though, I made the $2 investment and bought an ice-scraper with a brush for snow and everything. Anyway, all I needed was that said glorified ice scraper and my defrost. Unfortunately, I couldn't access either of these because the ice sealed my doors shut! Alas, I had nothing but my tiny car key to try to conquer the sheets of ice that were making my car inaccessible.

Of course, at this point, I have somewhere to be in 15 minutes. So, needless to say, I'm walking to the gym. In my Snow boots? Not so much. In my white Nike kicks that are now brown? Maybe. I think our school is anti-salt, too, because there was black ice everywhere. A couple of students got a nice "welcome back" to campus from the black ice, for lack of better words, by eating shit.

Here are some pictures my boyfriend took of ice yesterday, to show it in a less dangerous light:
To me, this picture is the epitome of "January"

This one's my favorite - I love the beauty of simple, close-up shots. 

Although ice may be photogenic, I am secretly eager to see some of my fellow students slip on it tomorrow when they undoubtedly try to mix ice with high heels on the first day of classes. (Sorry, I'm only human!)

p.s. Happy Tuesday! :)

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