The Underrated Weekday

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I feel like if the calendar week was the Brady bunch, Tuesday would probably be Jan.

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say most of you didn't wake up this morning and think, "Yes, it's Tuesday! My favorite!" and then hop out of bed (turn your swag on) and proceed to start whistling show tunes.

Now, I'm not the middle child, but having 3 sisters, including one super-amazing twin sister, I have spent some time living in the occasional shadow. [16th Birthday Cake read: "Happy Birthday Princess Rebecca and Joyce"]. Don't worry Becky, in about 40 years I'll stop mentioning that epic cake.

Anyway, since Tuesday is the forgotten weekday, and arguably even lives in the shadow of Wednesday [aka “Hump Day”], I am advocating that it is time to recognize the true value of this neglected day via celebration...

Top 7 Reasons to Party on Tuesday:

1.     It’s only Tuesday once a week.

2.     There is a restaurant named Tuesday (Ruby Tuesday’s, for those of you who live underneath a boulder). If there was a restaurant named after me, I would want to celebrate on the regular.

3.     “Tuesday” in Spanish is “Martes” If you pronounce that incorrectly, it practically rhymes with “Parties”

4.     Tuesday, by its very definition, means that Monday is over. Tuesday morning is literally the farthest away from Monday one can be. [time travelers excluded]

5.     Thanksgiving is never on Tuesday. Easter, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday are never on Tuesday. Same goes for Memorial Day and Labor Day. Clearly, this is a weekday in desperate need of some holiday/celebratory love.

6.     For those of you who thought, “Mardi Gras is always on Tuesday”: EXACTLY.

7.    Consult your group of friends. Find one of them who was born on Tuesday. Let the celebrations ensue.
the fact that this picture exists online means that there is
hope for Tuesday to improve! hope yours was good :)

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  1. this pic is hilarious...i look at tuesdays differently now