Every Mile's a Memory!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Today, I rode on a charter bus for 6 hours, since we have an away game tomorrow. That long trip reminded me of the cross-country road ventures my family used to frequently take in the summers. Unfortunately, “cross-country” is not an exaggeration: driving from Pittsburgh to Wyoming (and back) in a minivan full of 6 people qualifies.

High Point of the trip: Listening to Harry Potter books on tape. Jim Dale’s character voices are on point.

Low Point of the trip: When our air conditioning broke in Nebraska. Watching endless hours of corn fields through the window? Even more painful when you’re sweating bullets.

Today on the bus, we watched 2 movies and I accompanied them with 3 episodes of Friends (almost done with Season 1!) on my laptop. But I couldn’t help think of all the games my three sisters and I used to play before the portable-dvd-player/lap-top era.

Finding the whole alphabet on road signs, new states on license plates, and my parents favorite “the quiet game.” Not to mention that there was ample time for my sister to learn to how to French braid - on my head. I honestly didn’t mind, and take full credit for her current hair-fixing-skills.

However, since AAU basketball overtook my summers after my sophomore year of high school, and two of my sisters play college volleyball and have been booked in the summers – it’s been years since we’ve all piled in the car for a journey through states.

Even though at the time of those lengthy trips, my sisters and I joined in the choruses of “Are we there yet?” and “Why can’t we fly like normal people?” I actually miss those days! Since college started, getting all 6 of us together at once is a rarity, and we now almost always opt for taking two cars - even on the 5 minute ride to Church. 

Looking back, it seems that I can remember the good times in the car trips sitting surrounded by my family, just as much as the vacations themselves. In the same way, I'll probably remember the bus rides and traveling with teammates just as much as the scores of away games, if not more. They say "Time flies when you're having fun" but I think "Time Flies." Always. So might as well have fun and enjoy the journey! :)

Happy Weekend to All! 

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