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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One key sign that a relationship is headed in the wrong direction is when it is one-sided. And, sadly, this is usually more obvious to outside observers than the people actually in the relationship and "blinded by love."

Everyone has known those unbalanced relationships where the girl is like planning the names of their children and the boy doesn't even know the girl's last name. I've even seen it happen vice-versa where the guy is claiming she's "the one" and the girl is hooking up with everyone and their brother (or sister) on the side.

Needless to say, I went to a career fair today. Not that my experience was bad (most of the people I talked to were nice). It's just, never has there been a better example of a whole roomful of unbalanced conversations. A menagerie of awkward situations, if you will.
One person dressed to the nines, worrying about every little word she says, and the other person (almost) listening. The eager student passes the (potential) future employer her resume (which she most likely spent HOURS revising) only for the employer to lackadaiscally add it to the growing pile, most likely destined to be filed away in HR till judgment day.

After giving my little pitch about my majors and class year, (all the while displaying my exquisite charismatic abilities, might I add), I actually had 2 people say to me, "Yeah, we aren't hiring right now." Which begs the question, "WHY ARE YOU HERE?" But at least I didn't feel bad when I took their free pens and chapstick.

Anyway, the job fair was in the gym - somewhere I walk essentially everyday for basketball practice. But, for whatever reason, I chose to take a different route when walking to the job fair. Perhaps I was afraid if I took my typical "practice route" I would begin boxing people out or talking about my "offensive and defensive abilities." Not sure. Either way - on my way there I saw this:
Does it not look like someone purposely "drew" two hearts with their tires? I took it as a sign to totally abandon the whole job idea and get married. (KIDDING!) But I did think it was cool. I'm going to start taking different paths to places from now on, because I feel that when I take the same route to the same places I'm like an unobservant walking zombie half the time. Just a thought! That is all. Happy Tuesday <3

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