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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

With classes starting, Facebook and Youtube aren’t going to cut it. You’re going to need many more procrastination destinations. Personally, I’m not good at making original online discoveries, but one of my roommates is like the Christopher Columbus of the internet, and the other recommended some awesome blogs to me which I now loyally follow.

"Cras" is actually my favorite Latin word, meaning, "tomorrow." So when you PRO-CRAS-tinate, you are saving things "for tomorrow"! (Yes, I know this isn't exciting to normal people. Remember, I got a "Word Origin-of-the-day Calendar for Christmas)

So without further ado, check out the sites listed below when you have more important things to do: (hopefully some of them are new!)

For Your Listening Pleasure:

www.Pandora.com– this one is basic, but essential. 
www.fratmusic.com – underrated. I even heard a gangster Taylor Swift remix the other day!

For Your (blog) Reading Pleasure (more catered towards girls):

www.dooce.com - not your average mommy-blogger. 2 kids, 2 dogs, a bad mouth, and hilarious stories.
www.3peanuts.blogspot.com - this is a sweeter, wholesome mommy-blogger with adorable kids! I'm officially hooked on her 4-year old adopted daughter.
www.jennsylvania.com - not updated as frequently, but written by Jen Lancaster, one of my favorite authors who writes funny, sarcastic memoirs
www.stylemepretty.com - for the hopeless romantics, this is an extreme wedding blog with beautiful pics from a variety of weddings! 
www.nymbler.com - this is another site for the hopeless romantic/daydreamer girl. It's a baby-name generator. Also useful when writing fiction! (seriously).
www.lightfortheday.com - a Bible verse a day, accompanied by a breath-taking photo.

I'm not much of a gamer, but these are more time-wasting sites that work wonders.

www.freerice.com - increase your vocab and feed the hungry!
www.jacksonpollock.org - unleash your artistic side! just drag your mouse and click to change colors!
www.todaysbigthing.com - the best online videos/pics without having to search for yourself!
www.sporcle.com - just try it. so fun.

Okay, I know that none of these are too original, and are probably all "been-there-done-that" but hopefully it's enough to keep you distracted for the first few weeks of the semester :)

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  1. I have another one to recommend, www.addictinggames.com <-- my fave