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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coming from someone who is about as good at cooking as Lord Voldemort is at giving out compliments, I have finally found a dessert that I can master - and want to share it with my followers who struggle in the kitchen! Wait, none of you ever set a towel on fire while boiling noodles? Just humor me, and keep reading.

It all started when we hosted a Secret Santa gift exchange at our apartment. I decided I wanted to try to make some treats. Did I remember to buy 2-liter bottles of pop? No. I'm not exactly the queen of setting my priorities. (Remember, I write a blog. Do I fill out job applications? Not so much.)

For those of you who just thought "pop"?? isn't it "soda"? I'm guessing you live in one of the regions shaded in green:
Take note: just as many states have dark blue as that have the puke-green color that symbolizes saying "soda." Here at school, where many students come from the puke-green counties, anytime I say "pop" there's always one amongst the crowd who immediately interrupts to poke fun at my "mis-labeling" of my carbonated beverage.

However, might I add, when someone says the word "soda" I don't feel the need to say, "OMG what the hell is soda?! No one says that where I live, and clearly where I'm from everyone says everything correctly and never makes any mistakes. EVER." Plus, chances are, you pronounce "water" like WHAT-er, and you don't hear me throwing a temper-tantrum about it.

P.S. We can all agree calling a Sprite "Coke" is absurd. P.P.S. What on earth do the people in the "Other" counties say?! P.P.P.S Who has time to make a map like that? I salute you.

ANYWAY - DESSERT. Yes. Chocolate Covered Pretzels! In my opinion, much better than the store bought kind! And as easy as Heidi Montag.

First, gather the necessary ingredients: (all can be found at Wal-Mart): 1.) Pretzels 2.) "Make Your Own Almond Bark" Chocolate/Vanilla Flavored Coating 3.) Sprinkles (optional) 4.) Wax Paper 5.)Bowls/Spoons/Forks/Tongs 6.) Microwave

Perhaps it's unnecessary to list "ingredients" such as "wax paper" and "spoon" but nothing's worse than wanting to make brownies and not having a brownie pan. Kitchen improvisation? Not so successful.

Here are the steps:
1. Break apart the "Almond Bark" and put it into a bowl.
2. Spread out wax paper on table.
3. Melt the chocolate coating into the microwave for 60 seconds. Stir.
4. Keep melting/stirring for 30 second intervals, until chocolate is smooth.
5. Put a handful of pretzels into the bowl, then stir until coated.
6. Use fork or tongs to remove pretzels, one-by-one, and tap the fork/tongs on edge of bowl to remove excess chocolate.
7. Place pretzels on wax paper. Every 5 or so pretzels, before they dry, sprinkle with sprinkles:)
8. When necessary, re-heat and re-stir chocolate coating!
9. Enjoy :)

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