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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well, when I was blog-browsing a couple of weeks ago [which is what I do rather than online shopping, much more affordable :) ], I stumbled upon a catchy quote. Now, of course, when I want to post it on my blog I can't re-find it and don't even know the exact wording! So here is my re-phrasing of a quote, that had such a good meaning it stuck with me for a couple weeks:

When I meet God, I want to ask him, "Why, in this world, do you allow the poor to suffer, people to starve, and injustice to occur? Why don't you do something about it?" 
But I am afraid he will ask me the same thing.

We discussed AIDS in Africa this week in one of my classes. Which has killed 24 million people so far. Or, as our professor put it, as many as two "Holocausts". To me, something even more disturbing I read online was that malnutrition/ no access to clean water kills more people than AIDS and malaria combined, each year.

It's easy to dismiss the AIDS epidemic with the reasoning, "Well, there's no cure for AIDS yet" and look at it as something too big to solve. What disturbs me is, in terms of world hunger, we have the cure (aka food) yet still sometimes take a non-chalant attitude about the whole thing.

I know I usually post lighter content, like my messy desk or terrible cooking skills, but it seems that I have some responsibility to do what I can to help those in need. I think everyone deserves the chance to enjoy the beauties that life has to offer.
Flowers I received on Sr. Night from my boyfriend
Wishing everyone a happy Thursday,  where we can be truly thankful for so much that we have :)

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