12 Things I've Found to Be True

Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm 26 years old, and certainly still have a vast amount to learn about the world. But, I got this book from my sister for Christmas:

And it inspired me to do some quick list-making of my personal life "truths." This is probably the closest I'll ever get to writing poetry, and I am clearly still a far cry from Emily Dickinson. ;) Still, I hope you enjoy:

1. Money doesn't buy happiness.

2. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. But if your grass is dead, it's worth the risk.

3. Almost all magazine pictures are photoshopped (a lot) and in most photos, the girls have hair extensions.

4. Learn to be happy for others; you will be happier for it.

5. You will have very few (if any) life-long friends from high school.

6. Energy is a very attractive quality.

7. You can bite the hand that feeds you if that hand is also strangling you. You'll just need to find another source of food.

8. You likely won't marry your first boyfriend; you probably will think you are going to.

9. The only time you should make yourself seem dumb is when you are playing poker.

10. It's better to have a good outlook than a good hair day.

11. Forgiving other people often helps you the most. Grudges are ugly things to carry around.

12. It is much easier to criticize someone else's work than to create something for yourself. It is far more satisfying to do the latter.

What do you think? Any to add? If you liked this list, I encourage you to write your own. It's a nice little reflective exercise (that can easily be done during an NFL game;)

Wishing you a wonderful week! I'll leave you with my favorite "secret" from Brian Andreas' book:

p.s. You may recognize Brian Andreas' name from my Shop Small gift guide, and my general love for his prints, four of which are hanging in my apartment!

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