Weekly Favorites: Have a fun (last January) weekend.

Friday, January 30, 2015

I always get a little happy when January is over. I know it's bad to admit that I wish away months, but with the post-holiday slump and the WEATHER (mostly the weather), it's nice to feel that you're taking one step closer to the occasional day where going outside doesn't require an excessive amount of outerwear.

The difference between Pennsylvania (where I grew up/went to college) cold and Wisconsin (where I live) cold is you are CRAZY if you don't wear a hat or gloves at all times in the Wisconsin winter.

So, let's take solace in the fact that we nearly have a 100% winter month under our belts.
walking on a frozen Monona Bay last weekend.
A few links for your weekend/procrastinating during your very-last January Friday:

In the spirt of me just getting NetflixThe 101 Best Written TV Shows

Only in Iowa would this be a headline.

Still speaking of Netflix (#cantstopwontstop), this show is being called the most feminist show on television - and it was one of your recommendations!

How can you help kids with cancer? VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN. (In case you need more (sad) inspiration to do so.)

On a lighter note: My new favorite hilarious instagram account.

Elle asked men inane questions on the red carpet, usually reserved for women. #flipthescript

I love how this fiction piece from the New Yorker is about a banal occurrence that's also a life-altering experience.

This story makes me love Good Will Hunting even more. (As if that were possible.)

I obviously have a thing for memoirs written by inspiring females - so I'm pretty sure I need this book.

I'm four yoga classes away from doing yoga 20 times in one month, and crossing off another item on my 101 in 1001 list. If you're bored this weekend, make a list :)

Happy weekend, homies! xx

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