Gift Guide #1: Shop Small this Christmas

Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm excited to be bringing you guys a few gift guides this year :) The theme of my very first gift guide: shop small! In case you didn't get a chance to shop small this past Saturday (small business Saturday), I'm recommending 4 small businesses/artists that you can feel good about supporting around the holidays.

1. Rewined Candles
*image from instagram
I really enjoy candles, so am not opposed to giving them as gifts (especially for hard-to-buy for people, like in-laws.) However, you can do better than the Yankee Christmas-tree candle. Step your game up with Rewined. Lovely candles that are made from recycled wine bottles in South Carolina with wine-inspired scents! Shopping small (a company now of ~30 employees) and supporting the environment? Check and check.

I've given these candles as gifts and received them as well. They emit a lovely scent! If you live in Madison, they are available at Little Luxuries on State Street. If not, move to Madison immediately! Just kidding, it's freezing here. You can, of course, get them online.

2. Design Darling {the boutique} 

This online boutique is a great hub for girly gifts of all kinds (especially all things monogrammed). Founded by Mackenzie, a fellow Bucknell alum ('ray Bucknell!), Design Darling offers a great mix of high-quality gifts and stocking stuffers. I bought the Hustle print and the periwinkle pens to spice up my "home office" (which is really just a table in the spare bedroom that Tywin has all but taken over) and got some great Easter-basket fillers for my sisters last year from her shop!

*image from instagram
Personally, I'm now eyeing the new Amy Stone prints (above) and the acrylic desktop supplies (below) that I can't believe I've resisted this long. Maybe I do have willpower after all? (Although the number of chocolate chip cookies I consumed over the weekend would suggest otherwise.)

*image from instagram
From earrings to artwork to desktop supplies, you're bound to find something for every girl over on Design Darling! Use code MANYTHANKS through the end of today (Dec 1) to receive 20% off your order.

3. Brian Andreas of StoryPeople

Made in Decorah, Iowa (a little town that's a 2 and a half hour drive from Madison and home to the Nordic Luther College), Brian Andreas draws whimsical designs, and adds the most touching (and sometimes funny) phrases to go along with them. I, personally, have three 8x10 StoryPeople prints hanging proudly in my hallway, including this one:

I also have this endearing Brian Andreas print (which was a great birthday gift!) in my entryway:

For orders over $75, save 15% with code wintertreats at check out.

4. Lishy Lishy Home Decor

I just found this adorable Etsy print shop via instagram, and I just love the vibrant prints! Made by Alisha Johns in my home state (good ole PA!), I'm excited to get some goodies from the collection. I think stationery always makes for a great gift. It falls into the category of "things I don't usually buy for myself but am always happy when someone buys for me"

I also have a thing for maps, so am really digging her world map print. (we have an Italia map hanging in our apartment, and in the background of this instagram snapshot you can see our Madison map!)

*image from instagram
Aren't the colors joyful? Use code TURKEYSALE through end of today (Dec 1) to receive 25% off your purchase.


I didn't do any shopping over Thanksgiving weekend, and I liked it that way. It's only the first day of December, so don't worry, you're not yet "behind" for the holidays. I hope the above ideas help you in your gift-giving endeavors, whether you're almost done with your list or haven't started shopping (like me) yet! Next Monday I'm excited to bring you an all-book gift guide.

Tune back in tomorrow for an easy post-Thanksgiving recipe! I'm also pretty sure I'll have a review up of this Cheryl Strayed book at some point this week, since I can't stop reading it. Happy (Cyber) Monday! Has anyone use the word "cyber" in any other context since 1997? Either way, happy Monday, homies.


  1. Ah! I just bought a Rewined candle and love it SO much! As if my Christmas tree didn't already smell lovely, this candle just puts the icing on the pine-scented cake!

    xx Katie
    lovely letters

  2. Oh yay, I'm glad you like it! I'm a big candle fan and they are definitely my new favorites!