Wednesday Wordplay: Have a Diverting Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just popping in to wish you a lovely longgggg weekend. If you do have to go to work on Thursday or Friday, first off, thank you! I know many people in the medical field, retail, and just people who don't get vacation days need to go in to the office. I am thankful! I also hope it is at least a slow day at work for you.

Here are a few words for you to word-drop over the turkey to impress all of your extended family members:

ethereal - adj. light, airy, or tenuous.

Aunt Charlotte, laughing with her nieces and nephews, always had an ethereal glow about her.

diverting - adj. serving to divert; entertaining, amusing.

Have a diverting Thanksgiving celebration! [Okay, I admit, no one ever says that. But it is more interesting than "happy." Also, it reminds me of the Spanish word for "fun" - divertido!]

eldritch - adj. eerie; weird; spooky.

I don't want to sleep at Aunt Hazel's eldritch house for Thanksgiving. It's practically haunted!

gnostic - adj. pertaining to knowledge.

My gnostic older sister Joyce is always full of fun facts at the Thanksgiving table. [haha, in real life I'm more known for saying things like "Wait. Is Nepal a country or a city?" but you know, this is my blog so, I can be gnostic in my imaginary online persona if I want to ;)]

Also, don't you think words with silent g's just bring a little something extra to the table? I'm sure the gnomes agree.

laconic - adj. using few words; expressing much in few words; concise.

I hated sitting by cousin Joe. He added nothing but laconic replies and condescending looks to the conversation.

a snapshot from a walk this morning!
(Photo credit goes to Stephen, you can see me in the ear muffs in the background :)
Stephen and I off to Pittsburgh to spend some time with the parents and the littlest sister (we will miss the other two!) Plans include eating Thanksgiving dinner, exploring some areas of Pittsburgh, and learning to make homemade baklava from a friend! I might even bake that homemade pie I've been meaning to make from my 101 in 1001 list, but I can't make any promises :)

I probably won't be back to blogging until Monday - but be sure to follow along on instagram for snapshots (like the one above)!

Wishing you all lovely Thanksgivings. I'm thankful for everyone who reads this blog :), my friends and family in my life, my boyfriend, and, of course, my cat!
Tywin is ready for winter with my coat! 

Enjoy your holiday weekends!

p.s. Thanks to the friends who sent word recommendations my way! If you have ideas for WW, feel free to shoot them to me! I'm always looking to learn!

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