Happy Birthday, Mom!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Each year, I forget how close the end of October is to the beginning of November. I know that's an incredibly stupid thing to admit, but mine and Becky's birthday is October 24, and I always forget how close that is to my mom's birthday, November 5! They are actually 12 days apart, but feel like they are a MONTH apart. Time zones, calendars, life. When will I figure any of it out?

So, in honor of my mom's birthday which is TODAY this is a picture of a card I bought my mom for her birthday. Since I haven't been able to manage: a.) addressing the card b.) stamping the envelope or c.) putting it in the mailbox, I am virtually delivering it to her:

I love snail mail, but it's hard.
The bike is in honor of the fact that she and my dad came out to Madison this summer, brought their bikes, and we did the 13 mile ride around Lake Monona together - woo hoo!

Fortunately, my mom has always been very understanding, so I know she won't be mad about my lack of timely mailing. Since I'm going home this weekend, I'll just bring it to her then! Yes, it is easier for me to physically transport myself across the country than put something in the mail. (I wrote this post two years ago on my ineptitude with mail management, and that notion still holds true.)

I feel that getting a cat that literally doesn't listen to a word that I say is probably a teeny tiny glimpse into what it's like to have children, so that makes me even more appreciative for all that my mom has done for my sisters and me over the years. If even pet parenthood is harder than I thought, I can only imagine what real parenthood is like. I mean, it's a safe bet that it's harder than mailing cards on time.

When we were a tiny family of four and I was under 5 feet tall (I have no recollection of those times.)

So, without further ado:


I hope you enjoy your card! (As much as possible to enjoy an image of a card?) I look forward to seeing you this weekend :) We will have to eat a Dairy Queen ice cream cake (if not 2, as we've never had one for our bday this year yet :) ) Love you!


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