Tywin Update: 2 Months! (and Weekly Favorites)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Can you believe we've had Tywin for 2 months? I, personally, cannot. It feels like we always had him and like we just got him.

He is good at being held!
He is a cute, rambunctious little guy with a passion for closets, strings, FOOD, drinks, the washing machine (quite the infatuation), eating and scratching my yoga mat, jumping into the fridge, jumping into the dishwasher, and meowing up a storm when he wants us to wake up.

Oh....and hair ties! He loves carrying around my hair ties, and even plays fetch with them. Like, legit fetch. Stephen or I throw it, and then he gets it and brings it back. Times 1000.

Why aren't you throwing it?

Lest I paint too pretty of a picture of him, he's had his moments too. He occasionally misses the litter box (not too often, and he's always in the general vicinity), he has broken not one, not two, but 3 coasters, and has broken 1 wine glass. (I was gifted this amazing wine glass by my friend Jess and am now diligently protecting it from the wrath of Tywin.) He is insanely curious. I mean, I'd obviously heard the saying "curiosity kills the cat" before but Tywin, stop trying to eat the damn thumb tacks off of the bulletin board for the love of all things holy.
and seriously get out of the fridge :)
Overall, we love the little guy! Don't have plans for the weekend? Go get a cat!

He loves his Krinkle Bag and I love my essie blanc polish.
If a trip to the humane society isn't in your future, here are a few fun links from around the web for weekend (or workday on Friday) reading:

1. Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Sue the Franchise you go, girls! I did have to chuckle at the fact that they are deemed the "Buffalo Jills" though.

2. How "polish" got its name, the French manicure isn't actually from France, the first acrylics and more in this intriguing History of Nail Polish (I admit, I'm basically obsessed with the stuff.)

3. I'm linking to This Gift Guide not just because it's fun but mainly because I need to know if anyone has used the Japanese baby foot mask. Does it work!?

4. Ryan Anderson (NBA player) dealing with girlfriend, Gia's, suicide. A very moving piece in Sports Illustrated worth reading (even though it's long).

5. Emma Watson is single and I'm just wondering why the article didn't address the OBVIOUS question: Is Rupert Grint single!?

Happy weekend, friends! xx

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