Weekly Favorites: Have a Festive Weekend

Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy (almost) weekend friends! For those who are traveling holiday-style this weekend, stay safe. For those who are shopping frantically, stay sane. For those who are eating 15 candy canes a day (just me?), stay legit.

Here a few of my favorite links from around the web this week! (And, as all of my weekly favorite posts go, this just means I found them this week. Could be, you know, months old at this point ;)

1. How awesome are these Rifle Paper Co. covers of Little Women,Heidi,A Little Princess, and Anne of Green Gables? BRB need to go read all four of those books ASAP.

2. This Jewelry Gift Guide is spot-on. I especially love the simple gold studs. (And all are under $50!)

3. Into vs. In To: this is probably boring for everyone but me, but it's my blog (muahaha.) But really, I edited our January magazine at my internship this week (phew) and spent some time figuring this one out. (I also ran into this one and this one. Grammar is fun, amirite? No? Okay.)

4. A Candy Bowl is Never Overkill (word, homies) and more tips for holiday entertaining. Though I am a big proponent of year-round candy bowls.

5. "North Korea is not funny. It is hard to imagine a comparable comedy emerging about quirky Islamic State slavers or amusing and 'complicated' genocidaires in the Central African Republic. The suffering in question is happening now, as I write." I thought The Interview looked like a stupid movie, and wasn't surprised it got canceled. But this article gave me lots more to think about regarding the terrible situation that is North Korea.

6. Add Norway to the list of places I want to go to! (It's worth clicking through the whole slide show.)

7. Speaking of Norway, did you know Mayim Bialik (Big Bang Theory Star) Hates Frozen? I liked it overall, but think she has interesting points re: feminism. (Anna and Elsa do have incredibly tiny noses and incredibly big eyes!) My actual biggest gripe with the movie was such a small cast; I like more characters. (I'm also twice as old as the target market I suppose ;)

8. Speaking of Frozen, ICYMI, this is the best Frozen headline ever.

9. I'm going to a holiday party tomorrow night, and if the best Christmas song of our time at least 15 times, I'm going to be disappointed.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend-before-Christmas! xx

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