101 in 1001 1 Year Update

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yesterday marked one year since I began my 101 things in 1001 days list! I'm no math genius, but I busted out Excel and determined my days are ~36% of the way done, and I'm ~34% done with my list. Not too bad! Of course, I have some easy ones left (finally watch The Matrix), as well as some harder items (visit Europe!), but that's the joy of this list. The 101 items can be as big or as small as I like.

So far, the fitness category has been the hardest for me to complete (the only one I've done is yoga 20 times in a month back in January, and that was quite challenging). Today, I thought I'd highlight a few of my completed items for inspiration, in case you're thinking of drafting your own list or just looking for ideas of things to try!

1. Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding

I meant to try this all last summer, and though I drove by/saw a lake multiple times a day (the joys of living on an isthmus!), I never got around to it. This summer (just yesterday!) my friend Melanie and I finally tried it out on Lake Wingra with Wingra Boats. It was so much fun! For me, kayaking on lakes is always a tad on the boring side, especially if the water is super still. Not the case with SUPs! 

I will say this: the wind impacted us a lot. So, on our way out from the boat house we zipped along with the wind at our backs, but turning around and coming back took us twice as long. Still, it was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend trying it out (especially if you live in Madison). Next, I want to try SUP at Brittingham Boats and see how the Monona Bay compares to Lake Wingra.

13. Visit the Cave of the Mounds

When I made my list, I tried to include local attractions that I otherwise likely wouldn't visit. Enter, the Cave of the Mounds. Haha. But, even though it wouldn't particularly pique my interest usually, it definitely exceeded my expectations. The cave was huge! Also aren't stalactites (the little guys dripping from the ceiling) offer quite the lesson in perseverance. The guide would point to one that was about 2 inches long and say "This one's young! Only 80 years old." It's all about perspective, I guess.

As a fun bonus we checked out the Grumpy Troll Brew Pub in Mount Horeb on the way home, where they serve flights of their beer and the world's largest pretzel.

(told you!)

36. Take my sister(s) on a New York City trip!

Ever since going to NYC for work (and learning the city/subway), I've wanted to take a personal weekend there with a sister (or three). Of course, it's hard to get everyone together so Becky and I ended up doing a #twinning weekend to celebrate our half birthday in April! Unfortunately, it was a little cold when we went but we still had an awesome time! From checking out the Met to "running" the Brooklyn Bridge we had a very New York weekend. The highlight though? Seeing Aladdin on Broadway. It was amazing! I'm still debating, but it's in the running for my favorite Broadway show ever. (Thanks for the tickets, Mom & Dad!)

100. Write a First Draft of a Children's Chapter Book

I completed a manuscript for a middle grade book in April. I pitched it to four agents, and sent it to two upon request...so now I'm just eagerly waiting to hear back! :)

That's all for this recap, though you can see all 35 of my completed items here, if you'd like. I also occasionally look at #101in1001 on instagram (there's almost 1000 posts there!) for inspiration. Do you have a list online? I'd love to check it out! 

p.s. My 3 Month Update & 8 Month Update.

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