Easy Recipe: Roasted Beets from the Farmers' Market

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Madison has a lovely farmers' market around the Capitol from April-October. (Aka, the only months it's bearable to be outside around here!) I love going and walking around and buying lovely things like scones, fresh flowers, and cheesy bread.

But, when it comes to buying vegetables I must admit I'm a bit of a novice. Sure, I'll buy tomatoes and cucumbers and corn, but after that, catch me at the smoothie cart.

Well, this weekend we bought beets and I'm so glad we did! Here's how we prepared them:

Roasted Beets

Cut off stems and ends (I used kitchen scissor for this, and it worked quite well)

Scrub each beet under cool water, getting off the dirt!

Pat dry with paper towels/towel.

Place each beet on its own square of aluminum foil.

Add a dollop of olive oil and wrap beet up.

Place all beets on baking pan, not touching, and put in oven.

Roast at 350 degrees F for 45 mins - 1 hour and half, depending on size of beets. 
(Ours were on the small side, we did an hour. When you can stick a fork in 'em, their done!)

Take out and let cool for a while.

When you remove foil, use foil to peel the beets.

Slice and enjoy!

(For best results, in my opinion, sprinkle dump on some feta cheese!)

Warning: Beet coloring is bound to get everywhere, so be careful! Also, doesn't the plate above kind of look like I just ate a delicious fruit pie? :) Hopefully I convinced you to go out on a limb next time you're at the farmers' market!  Happy Tuesday! xx

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