What should Kimye name their baby?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I'm no gossip blogger, but I am somewhat of a baby-naming expert.* So, I thought it'd be fun to brainstorm potential baby names for the power couple Kim and Kanye's baby number two. Move over, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

*Note: Only half of this sentence is true.


Gender-neutral Names:
Androgynous names are all the rage (with Ryan + Blake naming their daughter James and whatnot) so here are list of names that could work incredibly well for either gender.

South (Obviously.)
East (Less obvious, but better.)
Wild (Ideal name. Will Smith would be the godfather, no doubt.)
Nine (because naming your child after a brand is equivalent to setting your child up for success in this corporation-run world).
Kody (Moving away from only-because-of-the-last-name options, but Cody is uncommon, but cute, and Kody with a forced K is original but still, like, a human name.*)

*Note: "human name" did not seem to be a requirement for baby #1.

Girls' Names:
We all desperately want Kimye baby #2 to be a girl, for the sake of the future of reality TV on E! Let's face it, I like Rob Kardashian, but he's not really able to be the face of the franchise. So, if Kimye baby #2 gets both good chromosomes, here are some options:

Kaitlyn (As a shout out to Bruce —but spelled with the Kardashian trademarked letter "K")
Kennedy (So she and Auntie Kendall can bond.)
Katie (Literally everyone in the world is named Katie but there are zero Katie Kardashians? Makes zero sense. She could go by "Kate" if that's more chic, or even Kat for more edge!)
Karen (#throwbackthursday)

The following list of K-names stem from the word "Christ" because I find it weird not a single K-Kardashian girl has a name like this:

Kirsten (which is just Kristen spelled wrong for funsies ;)

What's that? Kris Jenner's real name is Kristen? Well, even more reason for Kimye to name baby #2 one of the above names, as a nod to grandma.

Boys' Names:
Even if little Kimye baby #2 is male, there are fortunately some solid options:

Kanye Jr. (duh)
Kale (the obvious choice)
Knox (Sounds like an "n" for North, is actually a K for Kim, Kanye, etc. Every time you use the letter "K" a Kardashian gets a dollar, btw.)
Kanye the Second
Kimchi (I'm getting hungry)
Kilimanjaro (Nickname: Kila. The most hardcore rapper name ever.)
Mini-Kanye (That's what we're all going to call him anyway. I can never resist a name with a good old-fashioned hyphen.)

So...which will it be? Any other Kardashian-inspired names to add to the list? 

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