My new favorite funny website: FONY

Monday, March 30, 2015

As you hopefully have picked up by now with your incredible deductive reasoning skills, I love my cat, Tywin. Since adopting him with my boyfriend in October, I've grown increasingly obsessed with him.

Now, I'll refrain from launching into a diatribe on why cats > dogs (Umm....#1 you have to take dogs OUTSIDE? It's like negative 19 degrees out there, you guys! I'm not going out there unless the apartment building catches fire, and even then I'll probably savor the warmth and only relocate when a muscular* fireman carries me out.)

*From a practical standpoint, he'd have to be muscular. 
I'm many things, but "dainty" isn't one of them.

But, I actually believe being a dog person and being a cat person is NOT mutually exclusive. Same goes for being an elephant person or a donkey person...why can't we all get along?*

*you may notice I'm a bit of an idealist. :)

Regardless of where you stand on the polarizing cat/dog issue, I'm hoping we can agree on this: My new favorite website, Felines of New York, is hilarious. An example post:

The Humans of New York posts have consistently been my favorite thing on my facebook newsfeed and now there's a new contender with FONY! FONY also has a facebook page & instagram.

Follow along, since everyone needs a laugh, cat person or not.

But, fair warning, if you spend too much time looking at cat pics online, your cat might get all emo and jealous:

p.s. Another funny tumblr, just for kicks.

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