Orlando Recommendations?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Right when the weather in Madison gets tolerable, I have a trip to Florida planned! But, I'm not complaining -- running outside the past three days was glorious. There's nothing like a bitter Wisconsin winter to make you fully appreciate temperatures above 30. Kind of like how good days can only be truly valued if you've had bad ones to compare them to, right? But things are about to heat up even more on Wednesday, as I'm flying down south (Milwaukee > Orlando) to spend a few days with the whole family!

The first thing on our agenda, as anyone who has ever met my family can immediately guess, is Harry Potter World! We plan on spending two days in the parks. Yes, "parks" because the Wizarding World of HP is strategically split between Universal Studios (contains Diagon Alley) and Universal Islands of Adventures (contains Hogsmeade). I can't really be mad at what can only be considered a good business decision -- and both parts of HP world are connected by the Hogwarts express, so that's fun! Plus, butter beer awaits. Anyone been? Any can't-miss parts of the park? Any spells I should practice beforehand? ;)

Aside from channeling our inner wizard, we don't have a ton of plans. (Other than, of course, bask in the warmth!) I'd love if any Floridians (or Florida vacationers) could weigh in with any must-see spots in the sunshine state near Orlando. Or must-eat pizza places/delicious ice cream shops. As a vacation isn't a vacation without excessive ice cream and pizza. Places I'm most likely to find Flo Rida are also of interest. I hope your weather, like Madison's, is taking a turn for the better. :) Thanks for any Floridian recommendations in advance! xx

p.s. My recommendations for a lovely California trip.

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