A Taste of Wisconsin

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I have never mentioned it before, but I'm basically obsessed with food. I guess I try to keep my love for eating on the down low.

One fun aspect of moving to a new area is trying all the local foods. Madison has many restaurants that serve meals made from locally-grown ingredients, which is super cool because it makes me feel like I'm healthy. There is also a reoccurring theme here in swissconsin: cheese. (which kind of counter-acts the healthy feeling). I've heard that, when some people go out to dinner with friends, they take pictures of who they are with, perhaps a shot of a group of smiling friends. Something along those lines. I'm more into photographing pictures of my plates, as you will soon find out.

Above is a turkey sandwich I got at a restaurant right on Capitol square called "The Old Fashioned." Those of you non-WI residents out there may be unfamiliar with the side dish to the right. Well my friends, that is a staple to every Wisconsiner's diet. They are called "cheese curds" and are served at almost every restaurant. The concept is so fantastic I'm surprised other states haven't jumped on board. Basically, it's fried cheese. Think mozzarella sticks, but so. much. better. In my opinion as a fatass food critic, anything fried = good. And anything with cheese = better. Thus, cheese curds and I are getting along quite splendidly. 

Oh, and here is another "meal" I had a famous Wisconsin brew pub called "The Great Dane":

In case you were wondering, Wisconsin Macaroni and Cheese served with a side of a soft pretzel, if perhaps not the most balanced meal, is the definition of comfort food. If you're having a bad day - EAT THIS. I ordered this when I went out to eat with my roommate and office mate - both who are awesome! I was having a good day, and then it got better! I got really lucky as far as "mates" go :)

And, last but not least...

We had a company picnic yesterday, and this is what they served. Yes, it was free. And there are over 4,000 people who work there. I think this picture speaks for it self. I'm seriously considering making it my back ground on my macbook. Nothing like a little Surf & Turf. Obviously, the lobster and steak were delicious, but I have to say  I have not had corn like that probably since I lived in Iowa when I was 7. Only improving the situation was that,  the lady who served me the corn asked if I wanted butter on it, and then dipped the corn into a vat of melted butter. I have never seen that before, but I could get used to it. I'm considering investing in a personal portable butter vat for the next time I get cheese curds. ;)

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