Wedding Season

Monday, June 20, 2011

I went to my cousin's wedding on Saturday, and it was a very nice reception and ceremony! All of my mom's brothers and sisters and my spouses came, and it was great to see so many relatives!

Here are where my aunts and uncles on my mom's side live: Kentucky, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maryland..and then my fam's in Pennsylvania! So it was cool that people came so far to celebrate my cousin's wedding! (in KY)

One thing that was really cute - which I have never seen at any other weddings I've been too (and I've been to a whopping 3 that I can remember) - is that my cousin had personalized bobbleheads made as the wedding cake topper! Apparently, she found a website where she sent a picture of the couple in, and the website painted their faces on bobble heads and sent a very cute cake-topper to her! It really added a personalized touch to the wedding! Also, the special cake topper was a surprise for the groom...and the bobble heads really did look like my cousin and her new husband !! :)

I did take pictures of the wedding...but they are on my camera. So that would involve getting my camera, cord, loading the much work. ;) But I just wanted to write a short post before going to bed!

Happy Wedding Season to All! And I hope you enjoy any weddings you are invited to (or are involved directly in :)

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